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Savo Overview

Savo is a cloud based sales enablement platform that was founded in 1999. The .net platform has evolved to be the industry leading tool for more predictable sales results through prescriptive content, guided selling, and custom engagement tools.

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My Role

My contributions at SAVO were largely on UI Design & Development. I served as a member of both the Design & Development teams to ensure that our platform was performant, visually appealing, and embodied important UX strategies.

My Experience

Working with a codebase that spanned over a decade provided an amazing opportunity to refine and update Savo's complex front-end fueled by the need for a huge performance gain.

We started by cataloging all existing elements, then looked for similarities and developed a code library of 'widgets' for a cohesive experience across the large platform. Simplifying all the elements allowed us to reduce the codebase significantly and approach it from an object oriented stance, this empowered the rest of the team to focus less on the pixels and more on the interactions and rich experiences. We converted SAVO to a gridb-ased layout, created a cohesive sprite based system for icons, and removed unnecessary 'chrome'.

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The Result

At Savo, we always said the people were the best part of the job. Everyone helped each other tackle the hard problems we were all solving. Sometimes it was teaching, sometimes it was listening and other times it was just giving someone a shout out for the amazing work they were doing.